Euphony, an honorary alumni of The Loud Project

     Slam Poetry benefits all students.  In a world that suppresses our stories, slam provides a place to give voice to these narratives of struggle, joy, pain, healing, reflection, and activism.

       Students that partake in writing and performance workshops work on

  • public speaking

  • self confidence

  • reading

  • writing

  • increase in awareness around social issues and injustices in their neighborhood and worldwide

     Beyond writing, Slam Poetry teaches kids how to be leaders, create community mindedness, and create a space to learn and honor each other’s differences.

     Slam Poetry is one of the most engaging ways to help young people discover how powerful their voices are. Spoken word allows students to

  • freely speak their mind

  • challenge the status quo

  • break free from the power struggles that affect

    • self identity

    • self esteem

    • community unification

    • self-empowerment

      Blending literacy with performance, slam culture has created an outlet where students can make the stage a safe & supportive place to express themselves.  Slam culture extends beyond poetic performance, it is a community that encourages inclusivity, collaboration, critical thinking, and self awareness.


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